Saturday, June 7, 2008

Memorial Day and other Musings

I know this is a bit late for Memorial Day but I took some nice photos of the parade in our little town. That cute clarinetist in the foreground is my daughter with her middle school band. The Brownies were adorable in their hats. I used to have a troop and they always were so thrilled to march in the parade. I am so glad I can be a spectator again! Below is the gazebo on our town common. Our house overlooks this common... so very New England. It is amazing that these little celebrations happen all over America on this day. It does bring out my patriotism but also makes me profoundly sad. I was hoping that my children would never have to celebrate a Memorial Day where our country was at war creating new casualties to mourn each year.

On a happier note... these are some little pin cushions/lavender sachets that I made for our little gallery shop. The flowers are made from felted sweaters. These are a fun way to use snippets of my vintage fabric and old buttons.

And finally, this is a hat I wish I never had to make. This is for my mom who is just beginning her treatments for breast cancer. It's always a helpless feeling when someone you love gets sick so this is what I can do to try and make it better for her. I will be making some more so she can be stylish throughout her treatment time. My mom collects sea shell pins and and I've been saving this one that I found at a flea market. Really dresses up that turban I think.

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linda said...

So sorry to hear of your mother's challenge, but I'll keep her and you in my prayers... all the best. p.s. Making the hats for her is a very touching and loving thing. LindaSonia