Thursday, October 16, 2008

This Week's Projects

Here is a batch of cute fabric luggage tags that I made this week. I was looking for something relatively quick and easy to make that I could sell on my artisan tour and through the shop. This is a fun way to use small bits of fabric and you will definitely be able to spot your baggage at the airport!

Here is my latest version of a market tote. I have been slowly parting with my bits of vintage fabric by making these. It is fun to combine all the different pieces of textiles that I own.


Sea Angels said...

I made some fabric gift tags a while ago mine were made out of blanket and looked completely different to your chirpy cheerful ones. had not thought of using them for luggage what a great idea, your lovely work is so inspiring I think your tote is gorgeous.
Hugs Lynn xx

Heather said...

Oh! they're adorable, what a great idea!~