Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Early Spring

I have spent the last week making birds.. I don't know, maybe I am dreaming about spring even though we still have a lot of winter left to endure. Here are a couple of love birds. They are made from an old damask tablecloth, handmade lace and old millinery flowers. I used a scrap of lovely old Pendleton wool to make this little top hat.

A paper flower buttoniere.

She has some nice old buttons on her neck and tail feathers

One of my signature handmade tags. This would be nice as a ring bearer pillow or even a cake topper.

These are just little stuffed birds made from vintage fabrics, ribbons and trims. They have no particular purpose except to make you dream of fresh spring days to come.


Rebecca said...

How about a spring tree inside filled with those birds...I think it would be lovely.

love your sister

Deirdra Doan said...

Oh your dolls are GREAT!! Nice to find you.

Sarah said...

These birds are very sweet! I like fabric you have used. I did the cloth and clay doll course too and haven't stopped making dolls since(well slowly, what with the day job!)