Monday, February 2, 2009

Studio Happiness and Bunny Love

I saw this tutorial on Martha Stewart with Jennifer Murphy's cute little pom pom bunnies and just had to give it a try. These are just so cute I can't stand it. I had fun with the details.

I have been taking advantage of all the cold weather to do a lot of inside sewing that never gets done once the good weather sets in. This is the beginning of some slipcovers that are way overdue. I finished one and need to start the other. I don't make slipcovers very often and I can see why they are so expensive because they are a challenge! That is why I needed a pom pom bunny break in between slipcovering projects. At least it was a good workout running up and down two flights of stairs everytime I needed a fitting.

Here is my beautiful Luna being the sun goddess in the studio. She always manages to find the sunny spot..good for her vitamin D. She had better rest up because she is getting a new brother soon. I can't wait.. soon I will be tripping over two goldens. What could be better?

1 comment:

Sea Angels said...

Oh just look at your lovey work room, with the sun shining in and all of your pretty things around you, including woolly bobble bunnies they are cute, ha ha
I think I will just put my feet up and join you for a piece of cake and a cup of's nice to spend some time with a fellow crafting friend.
Hugs Lori Beth
Lynn xx