Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stone Collecting

I am a sucker for stones. I never met one I didn't like. This little section of Cousin's Shore on PEI is like paradise for me. My daughter and I recently went stone hunting and came away with lots of smooth wonderful stones. She would ask "how about this one?" Oh yes, that's a beauty. We have to have that one. We don't take too many as to leave plenty for others to find.

Maybe I'll try my hand at crochet like the gorgeous stones here. Or just keep them by my side like a little stone garden at my fingertips. There is something very peaceful about touching and rearranging these stones. Perfection in a smooth round cool package.

1 comment:

Sea Angels said...

Beaches are just full of things I want to take home, just bits of gorgeous coloured stuff...I know just what you mean.
Hope you are having a lovely summer.
Hugs Lynn xxxx