Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little Saints and Sinners

I had the good fortune to host and participate in a wonderful workshop this past weekend taught by Janette Schuster who is a "found object" artist. I have been fascinated by her work, her use of unusual elements combined with personal photos and her skill with manipulating metal. We had a lovely small group who came to spend a rainy Saturday at my home. A perfect day to make art!

An example of one of Janette's icons
Some of the raw materials for the making of icons. We were able to incorporate photos of meaningful people in our lives and elevate them to icon status.
My sunroom all set up for the day.

Janette's tools of the trade and my box of goodies. I have been saving such things as metal dog tags, keys, game pieces, cookie tins and lots of other flotsam for years (way before I met Janette) and never knew I would have a use for them. I just knew they had some purpose.

Janette demonstrating for Victoria. We learned how to transfer images to wood.

One of Victoria's wood transfers. I love the glorious distressed look of it.

Dan's work

These were done by Emily

And these are mine...not yet completed. It was very good for me to work outside of my element and comfort zone. These materials are not soft like my usual textiles. They bite back! I definitely need practice on technique using some of the tools.

What a fun day and the time flew by! I am finishing these up this week and will post the finished works. Janette will be holding another workshop here on September 26th called Robot Riot. Better start saving my tin cans!


New Hampshire Gardener said...

Loribeth, thanks for sharing this. I love the look of the wood transfers. Maybe you can get together with Bill and do some transfers on his projects.

Sea Angels said...

Just fabulous, you do some gorgeous workshops.... and I love theses wood transfers they are so vintage looking, I really like it the most in a few weeks time when you have had chance to practise the ideas you have learnt and you start to change stuff and put your own stamp on it and the Loribeth creations really come through, a subtle change but so beautiful, you are so talented.xxxxx
I havn't got a clue about the Snowman swop guess we will have to brain storm it over the next few weeks.....I will wait until Halloween is finished then you can begin to consider the Snow...(I hope haha)....I know we will come up with something that will be fun.
Have a nice weekend my far away friend.
Hugs Lynn xxx