Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Mischief

There's something about creating something in a box that elevates it and makes it special. I love these little theatres. I have a small collection of old cigar boxes that I have been wanting to use and this great old flocked wallpaper that was perfect for this project.The head was made from paper clay and body was fashioned from old t-shirts.

I used some of my 100+ year old letters to line the inside and decorate the outside of the theatre.

Now this little fellow is called Mr. Golly. He is made from wool pom poms and wool felt and fabric. He is kind of funny looking but somehow endearing don't you think?

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Sea Angels said...

He is just gorgeous, and I love the box as well.. ooh you put me to shame, you are so inspired and really clever and original... I always leave your company feeling like I should concentrate more on my stitching ha ha...see you are very good for me!!!.
Don't you find that the day is never long enough, to work and make and play and sleep it is like being on a spinning top.
Have you made anymore of your fabulous wooden art works, maybe you should try a small cupboard next........come over here, I have one you could practise on ha ha I wish!!!

Wishing you sunshine through the falling leaves, have a lovely week.
Hugs Lynn xxx