Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dreaming in Plaid

It all started last weekend when my husband found this little series to watch on Netflix called Monarch of the Glen. It is really Scottish soap opera but delightfully funny and oh... the scenery of the Highlands is spectacular. The tweeds, the plaids and men in kilts...what could be better? It has been so frigid here in New England that building a fire and watching the whole first season seemed like the coziest thing to do. I was dreaming in Scottish accents (we really could have used subtitles a lot of the time!) and feeling very plaid-ish.

So I dug out this little sweetie. She is a Vogue Ginny doll dressed in her Scottish plaids that I have had since the 1960's when I started my doll collection as a young girl.
Started poking around the house for more plaid love and found this vintage cotton tablecloth that I always use at the holidays.
Warm scarves in the cloakroom...

My trusty plaid pressing ham
Look who sleeps on plaid!
Totally worn out plaid sneaks that my daughter cannot bear to throw away
Cozy up to some plaid...this wee lass is off to make some shortbread...this weekend we're on to Season Two.

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