Friday, March 12, 2010

A Taste of Springtime

I had a wonderful taste of Springtime yesterday at my annual trip to the Smith College Bulb Show in Northampton, MA. It is a petite show. Just two old Victorian style greenhouses bursting with bulbs and color. I go for the sight but more for the smell. Rich and earthy with a hint of spice. So needed right now.
Here is a shot of the exterior of these wonderful old greenhouses. You can see what a gray day it was on the outside.....
Such a contrast on the inside! These were a favorite. I love the fringe because of course it reminds me of fabric or vintage paper millinery flowers.

This year we made time to check out a few of the unique thrift/vintage shops in town. This one is called Retro Genie and it was packed to the rafters with vintage clothing and accessories.
Like these fab prom dresses....look at those ruffles!
And this sweet little bride doll in the window.
This taste of spring will have to hold me until the Boston Flower Show at the end of the month and that will have to hold me until real spring comes for good.


walking buddy said...

looks like i missed a fun time (as always!). well, next year will be my 3rd chance - and as "they" say, 3rd time's the charm! remember to set the clocks to "spring ahead" tonight... BTW - your journal is amazing (a much over-used word but applicable in this case). see you in a couple weeks.

New Hampshire Gardener said...

Loribeth, your photos from Smith are great. I love those greenhouses, check out the ones at Mount Holyoke some day too.

Madame KoKo_o said...

visita mi blog:

hola, me encanto la canasta de huevos es muy original.