Friday, December 31, 2010

What did I make today? J&J Puppet Theater

Just a quick little post in between painting and caulking. I made this cute little puppet theater set for my niece's two little boys (Justin and Josh) after buying this little irresistible package of finger puppets at Ikea. This was so much fun because I used to make things like this all the time for my two kids who now only want video games and ipods.
I just love all the little characters in this collection, especially the little scuba diver and the chef.
Happy 2011! I will post pictures of my renovation project very soon. Lots of "before" pictures but not enough "afters" right now.


Sea Angels said...

OOh I like a good exciting....what a wonderful realm for the imagination..I can see that lovely Theatre producing some top quality enjoyments.
Lots of love and a Happy New Year...Please send me your addressxx
Hugs Lynn xxxxxx

Rebecca said...

Loribeth I just love this...and I promise that Josh will get used to having them on his fingers...he's very set in his ways sometimes. You can make stuff for them anytime you

Amrita said...

a nice day!! wish you happy always!!