Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tin Cup Valentines

Took a little time out from construction to do a little Valentine crafting.  I found these sweet little enameled tin cups from Sweden at a thrift store recently and thought these little hearts made from vintage linen and wool would look just right tucked inside.

Some Valentine cards made from recycled wallpaper torn off my walls during this part of my project!

And this is how persistent my little construction buddy is.  He keeps getting kicked out since I am picking stray dog hair from wet paint but he will not be denied.  He crawled up the stairs and camped out under the scaffold like a troll under the bridge.

I don't know how he can be comfortable sleeping on one narrow stair but he will do anything just to be near me.
Such devotion only comes from a dog!


Terri said...

Oh he is so sweet! That is some devotion!
My little Emma is the same way. She loves her momma.
Your valentine crafting is so creative! How fab that you found those little pots and the hearts look so good in them!
I love that you are using pieces of wallpaper from your home. That is sooooo cool!

Sea Angels said...

Gosh how are you managing crafts ...and working your home...I love your soft and gentle looking dog..they are so funny at times xxx
My favorite is the spotty heart oh I love that sooo much.
Love and hugs Lynn xxxx

alice lenhart said...

what great pictures! loyalty!

Katie :o) said...

Love the photos of your construction buddy! What a sweetie :o)