Monday, May 16, 2011

A Strange Sighting in NH

This is not something you see everyday in New Hampshire.  A pink flamingo (not plastic) in my garden.  This is the mystery solved from the last post.  I have been working on some birds from Abigail Glassenberg's wonderful book The Artful Bird.  I had such fun putting together the pieces of the pattern and seeing this bird come to life.  I had envisioned something really cool for this load of hand dyed cheesecloth I picked up at a flea market.

I love the way the looped winged turned out.  I hand painted linen to make the body and beak so that I could get just the right variations of pink.  A little bit of vintage feedsack fabric was used for the gussets.

Now on to the swans!


abby glassenberg said...

Wow! Your flamingo is fantastic! That is the hardest pattern in the book! I'm very impressed. The dyed cheesecloth makes great fluffy feathers!

Sea Angels said...

Fabulous and amazing you are so talented xxx she is gorgeousxx

Terri said...

Oh I could never have guessed it was going to be a flamingo! She (or he) is adorable! The color of pink is perfect and I love the gusset material as well. How fun!

Holly Moore said...

Wow, you are amazing. I love the looped wing!