Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dolly Hospital

When I make a doll it is not like anything else I make.  I really do feel an attachment to each and every one and have mixed feelings about seeing them fly the nest...just like a mother.  It is not often they come back to me.  But this poor little lady suffered a traumatic house flood caused by a broken pipe and had the ceiling come in on her as she sat minding her own business.

After a bit of time in dolly hospital she is practically as good as new with a tale to tell.  Even though she was only created in 2006, she's already had her first big adventure.  Every doll has a tale to tell if it lives long enough.  Just like Hitty, one of my all time favorite books.

Getting intensive stain removal

 The indignities of being in hospital!

All healed with a new paper tag and looking better with just a few minor blemishes but that merely adds to her patina.

Maggi, if you are reading this your little lady is ready to come home!

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