Saturday, November 12, 2011

Introductions: les Fleurs

I have been working on a series of new "sitter" dolls with a flower theme.  I have some amazing pieces of floral vintage fabric that serve as the inspiration.  Two more in the works but they had to have a little plastic surgery tweaking.  The middle "Rosie" looks like she has a bit of an attitude but she has been well behaved in my workshop.

Not sure where the pink hair came from but "Valerian" definitely has a wild side.

Dahlia is tall and thin and fancies herself a bit of a flapper.  She is proud of the vintage shell embellishment on her cap.

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Terri said...

I think I am in love! What adorable ladies! They look like they are in their bathing costumes sitting by the seashore. The hair is fabulous, and I adore the lace cap with vintage flowers! You are so very creative! Well done!