Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Corsages and Gnomes

It all began with finding this amazing vintage holiday corsage at the church bazaar.  I had a tip-off from a friend who helps organize the fair that there would be something there that should come home with me (nice to have friends in high places).  I got there early and found this great corsage which had been mounted on an amazing image of this lady from the 1960's? posing with the same corsage and a really cool Christmas tree hat.  And all this was mine for $2.00?!

Now I just have to make the hat and you can be sure that I will for next year.

But this year I saw this corsage designed by Kay Whitt who wrote the book Sew Serendipity.  The corsage was featured in the premier issue of a new magazine called Stitch. Craft. Create.  I just loved the pin and the technique she used to get all the scrunchy woolen petals.  And it was just lucky that I had the exact same hand-dyed silk ribbon in my stash that a friend has sent me several years ago.  In addition,  I actually had some over-dyed wool very similar to the wool that was used in the example.  So I made one of these wonderful corsages for myself and have worn it every chance I get.  It's over the top but I feel so very festive wearing it with my favorite white coat.

Here is a little of my obsession with gnomes and a little gnome display that I put together for the holidays.  Lighting is a little weird and the best I can do with my nine year old digital camera (that's practically vintage in camera years!).  This gnome village is a happy little place.

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Terri said...

I love that pin! You do have nice friends to tip you off on it. The tree hat is a hoot!
I also love that wool corsage you created. It is truly lovely! The coat behind it is amazing as well. Love that color and the texture too! Where did you get that?
Gnome village is adorable! I love it! It looks so festive and sweet in your window.
I wish you a Merry Christmas!