Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Sweet

I have made this little palm size book from soldered metal and plaster pages after taking Stephanie Lee's  class called "Handbook of Elements".  The books shown in that class are scrumptious and it is so much fun to learn new techniques that combine all the vintage elements I adore.

The spine has been embellished with lots of vintage mother of pearl buttons.

 I added hand dyed pale pink cheese cloth embedded in the plaster pages for extra color and texture.

This was pretty paper napkin that I separated the outermost ply and adhered the tissue to the plaster.  I love this effect because it becomes part of the substrate and is seamless.  Working with plaster is so much fun.  Happy Valentine's Day!

1 comment:

Terri said...

Oh Loribeth! AWESOME!!!
I adore your work of art here! I love the metal covers and those delicious white pages! And the technique with the tissue looks fab too! You must have totally loved this process. I know I would too : )