Friday, March 22, 2013

Back from Sunny CA

Looks like my daughter will be attending college in California!  Look at these views...not too tough to take.   She really loved Cal Poly University.  They offer some beautiful facilities and San Luis Obispo looks to be a wonderful town.  I hope we have enough money left to go visit her!  Better up my production of dolls and jewelry.

Here is a little heart assemblage that I made from papier mache, plaster and solder for a swap in my jewelry workshop group.  Hope she likes it!


alice lenhart said...

So hard to believe that India is heading to college! Time flies. What a beautiful landscape!

Cinderella Moments Real Estate said...

Wow! Are you sure your daughter will come back home after living there? It looks like paradise!
I love your heart behind the glass. You make such beautiful things!

Terri said...

Hello Loribeth,
I somehow missed your post.
Congratulations to your daughter for choosing her school! That is a hard one. It is very lovely where she is going. I used to live in CA.
You must be excited about and dreading her going! That is how I felt with my two. My daughter graduates in a few weeks already. I tell you, the time flies!

Oh very sweet little heart box! I love this look! You make the dearest things!