Monday, July 8, 2013

Gifts from the Island

My daughter and her friends brought back this haul from the sea the other day.  She is a clam whisperer and can find clams so easily!  It is addictive to dig them up like little buried treasures. I cooked them up and we ate the small ones like steamers with a bit of melted butter. The larger ones and the one quahog I chopped up and made baked clams...yummy. The razor clams were a bit tough though. 

This was my island dish today. 

Can you guess where I am?!   Not only is this a beautiful island but there are some good eats here too!
Happy Summer days to all of you.  


alice lenhart said...

yum. oh, yummm.

Terri said...

Oh yay! I hope you are where I think you are! lol!
Your dish looks delish! Enjoy!