Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I have been playing food stylist with some of my meals lately.  It's fun to remember which meals I liked, the recipes I used and what worked and did not work.  Since I am a visual person, having my iPhone handy to take pictures in the kitchen works fine and dandy.  Here is what I have been making lately.

My new favorite light meal or hearty snack:  I use Ezekiel whole grain flour less bread,  a smear of mayo and thin slices of ripe avocado with a bit of salt and pepper.  Inspired by this cookbook.

This was Sunday dinner:  Oven baked sweet potato fries (I toss in olive oil and a bit of cayenne pepper for a kick), brussell sprouts roasted with pancetta and then drizzled with balsamic vinegar, and marinated flat iron steak on the grill.   All yummy!

By the way, did you notice who is also interested in this meal?!

This was my lunch the other day:

Simple mixed greens with sliced strawberries, leftover chicken and a tiny chunk of cheese.  Vinaigrette.

I have always wanted to make a Tres Leches cake and finally did and it was delicious!  It is so moist and vanilla-y- almost like ice cream but still a cake.  I loved it.  The recipe I used was from The Pioneer Woman and was very simple.  You just have to make time to chill it but it is a perfect do ahead dessert.

I used fresh raspberries instead of the maraschino cherries she suggested (not of a fan of those).  I will definitely be making this again.  

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Terri said...

Hello Loribeth,
I enjoyed seeing all your tasty food! I have eaten many avo sandwiches with your same bread. Very tasty! I had some nice sweet potato fries last night. I looks like we have similar tastes.
Oh my and that delicious looking dessert! I would love a piece of that! lol!