Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mom's Last Thrift

It's been almost a year since my mother passed away.  I've had a lot of time to reflect on the things she taught me and most certainly one of the pleasures we shared together was thrifting!  She was a clothes horse but never paid full retail price as she was the Queen of the thrift store find and way before it was fashionable too.  Even as sick as she was towards the end, she called me one day and said I found a cute jacket for you so you need to come and get it or I will mail it.   When we were going through her closet I found the jacket and remembered how she had described it.  It still had the tags and original pricey price on it from some boutique down in Florida.  I took it home with me but had not worn it because the color did not suit me.  However,  a little Rit dye did the trick and now it suits me fine!  Mom would be pleased.

It was really a sort of yellowish ivory which did not look good with my coloring.

I used Rit Pearl Gray dye.

Like this much better and I attached one of Mom's favorite pins for good measure.

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