Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ladies who Lunch and Swap (plants)

My good friend Sharyn, who is a wonderful cook and talented potter, hosts an annual plant swap and potluck lunch each year and this is a sampling of what we had. I must say I hang with a talented crowd.. they can cook. We never want for food at any of our gatherings! Lorraine's delicious stuffed shells.
My own offering of cheese sticks (from Barefoot Contessa in Paris cookbook).

This was a delicious crab dip that was so creamy and rich. I must get the recipe.

Tahini and toasts...yummy.

This is Crystal's absolutely delicious squash casserole.

This dip tasted like spring time!

Delores' signature devilled egg dish.

These were the most yummy cupcakes made by Rita. They were featured on "Martha" and are from the famous Sprinkles cafe in NYC. That scrumptious quiche was made by

This gorgeous cheesecake was created by Carol with perfect raspberries from her friend Mary.

Lemonade Layer Cake by Sharyn was dense and moist and memorable. Probably my personal favorite if I had to pick. Sharlene brought the lemon chiffon cake from the Taste of Home lemon issue. She didn't think it turned out great but I beg to differ!

Of course you've got to have chocolate!

Jackie brought this simple and elegant almond sponge cake topped with fresh whipped cream, berries and flowers.

And this is what we came for.... our plant offerings. I came away with some great heirloom tomatoes grown from seed by the talented Leslie. A lovely quince bush that I can't wait to get going and other assorted goodies. Now I wonder why there is only one photo of the plants and so many of the food??!!

Next year we should probably focus more on the plants but I doubt that will happen. I am so lucky to have such lovely and talented friends. Now I must do my workout!


rochambeau said...

Lucky~Lucky ladies who lunch!

Judy Stalus said...

Your pictures are looking wonderful! I wish you had saved some leftovers for us at the gallery!