Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paper Crafting

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. I have been so busy getting a cooperative gallery ready to open here in my hometown. It is finally open sort of unofficially. We will have a grand opening celebration soon. It has been a unique experience working with so many different artists. It is a talented group. We had to renovate an old building to get it ready to accept our artwork...which meant having to agree on a lot of artistic decisions. A challenge! But we are all still friends and the place looks great!

Here are some of the cards that I have made in addition to my dolls which will be exhibited in the gallery. Cards are much easier to sell. They are a lot of fun to make.
We had a few requests for some cards that would be good for guys... these are probably still too feminine but whatever. I guess I have a hard time de-girlying things. Not much of a post after so long a break but will be back soon!


Sea Angels said...

Hello Loribeth, it sounds like you are having a lot of fun days, even though it must be very hard work. I hope it is all a great success, and you all have lots of sales and laughter.
Hugs Lynn xx

Marja Kristiina said...

Hi Loribeth, and thanks so much for your comment! Your handiwork looks fantastic although I agree with Lynn, it must be hard work. But probably very enjoyable work!

tTke care!