Monday, April 28, 2008

March of the Maminkas

I've been working on some new Maminka dolls over the weekend. I love the way they look huddled together just like they're immigrating! I made some lovely ones from an old flowered tablecloth and I love the pastels. I was able to use some beautiful handkerchiefs that I'd been saving and I really enjoyed making their tags from old flowers and vintage wallpapers.

Little Miss Pansy is currently being offered in my Etsy shop. Some of the others I am saving for a cooperative gallery that I am involved with here in my town. I would much prefer to sell my things on-line though because they come straight from my studio to my customer and do not get handled by anyone but me. I am fussy about that.

These are made from wool and the tags are made from vintage altered playing cards.


Sea Angels said...

Hello again...I love your posts...actually I have loved everything about your pretty blog...your dolls are fantastic. I have just finished making a felted doll I will be putting her on my blog Sunday...thats if I can persuade her....she's very very shy, yours look quite chatty, are they? Its so nice to meet you, please pop by any time, I shall add you to my favorites,then I can call in for tea and cakes more often.
Hugs Lynn xx

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Absolutely stunning and cuter than CUTE!~~~XXOO, Beth