Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Souvenirs from Texas

I didn't really do that much shopping on our vacation (husband and kids were around) but these are a few little things that I found. These cute little cards were found at "The Mercado" a big touristy open air market place in downtown San Antonio.

Of course I had to bring back some bluebonnet seeds. I don't know if they'll grow in New Hampshire. I think they are just a shorter version of our lupin. We'll see...

I found the nicest little fabric store in Fredericksburg called Things in a Room. It wasn't very big which proves it's not the size of the store but the quality of the selection!!! They had lots of retro Moda prints, repro barkcloth and some the Free Spirit fabric I have been searching for for ages here in NH. The fabric stores around here only carry traditional (boring) quilting stuff and the chain stores are the same old stuff. This was great. I bought small samples and will find something to do with them.

This was actually a Moda napkin from a set with a matching tablecloth. Would have liked the whole set but I need another tablecloth like a hole in the head. I restrained myself.

Had to make a stop at the World Market which I love! We don't have any in the Northeast at all so I always jump on one when I am traveling south. Got these nice handmade papers in a roll. I found some cool stuff for the kitchen too and some hard to find spices. You can see how shopping deprived I am in our small corner of NH... I practically hyperventilate when I get to a shopping rich area!

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Sunflower said...

Hi Lorbeth,

It was so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I was so excited to hear that you have some little fabric snippets for me! That is so nice of you!! Here is my address:

Debbie Schramer
2220 Murray Holladay Rd., #121
Holladay, Utah 84117

Please let me know how much the postage is and I will reimburse you for that! Thank you so much, Lorbeth. I am so looking forward to your package! You are so sweet to send me some snippets!

Your blog is very interesting and I love your dolls. They are so quaint and unique! Your husband is very talented, too!

Have a wonderful week!