Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hopelessly my Clothesline

I wait all year for this... a lovely breezy spring day to dry my clothes. I don't attend church but this is where I do my thinking and have my quiet time. It is pure simple joy to hang out my clothes and inhale that clean fresh scent of cotton when I take them in. I hang out clothes all year long, even trudgeing through hip deep snow and dealing with sheets that are frozen like glaciers. I may be crazy but it's just my thing. I LOVE my clothesline!
I bought these cheery curtains Saturday morning at the church rummage sale and they were hanging out on my clothesline by noon.

Some more signs of spring... wild bleeding heart and pulmonaria (polka-dot plant).

Couldn't resist taking this shot of my four-legged "helper" Miss Bella Luna. She loves it when I turn on the hose!

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Sea Angels said...

Oh I am that the veiw from your garden?? It looks like a film set!! how very lovely, it took my breath away, I love your washing in the wind....Pleased to meet you.
Lynn xx