Sunday, March 30, 2008

Scenes from the Lone Star State

We are back from our family vacation in Texas and we did enjoy that warm breezy weather! This was one of the many restaurants on the River Walk in San Antonio. It was really crowded so we ate somewhere else but still along the river.

Lots of catfish on all the menus! Some of the beautiful architectural details outside the Alamo.

I was dying to get to the Fredericksburg Herb Farm but got so distracted by all the great shops in the town of Fredericksburg that we were 1/2 hour late for the luncheon seating! Oh well... we ended up having some good fried chicken in town. The farm was just getting going with all their planting. The menu looked really good too.. maybe next time.

My two favorite parts of Texas was the beautiful limestone buildings you see everywhere with the old weathered doors and shutters.. just love them. I love the interior limestone walls too. Everything looks great against that backdrop.

The other fav was all the gates to the ranch entrances. There was such a variety of different gates and entrances. I could have filled a photo book just of them! Sometimes the gates were much more elaborate than the house beyond.

This was taken behind "The Homestead", a wonderful shop in Fredericksburg that I was anxious to see after reading about it for many years in various magazines. It was great but the best part was the wonderful building that housed the shop itself. Tin ceilings, cast iron railings and this wonderful courtyard out back.

We enjoyed all the nooks and crannies of the River Walk in San Antonio and really enjoyed our night time river cruise. Our boat was named the "Miss Caroline".

Tomorrow I will post about some of the little goodies I picked up... hint: Of course it is textile related!

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