Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Small Projects

In preparation for our vacation next week, I felt that I needed a new traveling purse. I really like a small pouch type purse that I can sling over my shoulder and have rest on my hip leaving my hands free. This was made from a pair of thrifted linen trousers and some vintage cotton lawn for the lining and top binding. I had to line that with muslin for durability. There is a small strip of a turquoise calico print that I picked up recently thinking I would use it and I actually did! I used a vintage button and some strips torn from the fabrics to fashion a quickie pin for embellishment. It has a side pouch to hold my camera at the ready.

This apron was made for a local lady who has been baking us pies for the past 12 months! We bid on her donation of a "Pie of the Month" at our elementary school fundraiser and were thrilled to be the winning bidder. I have to say that I am really really fussy when it comes to liking pies. My mom bakes a really great pie and I am not usually impressed with too many pies from other sources. BUT... these pies really exceeded my expectations and they were all so beautifully presented and delivered to our house each month. Sadly (but not for my diet!), this month will mark our last pie (Maple Apple) and I thought I would surprise her with a handmade apron. I used some of my vintage barkcloth for the pocket and applique. Hope she likes it as much as we like her pies!

This applique is done kind of haphazard and is meant to look a little frayed around the edges. It goes well with the "vintage-y" look I was going for.
Have you checked out the new large flat rate package available at the post office? It's really a good large size and for $12.95 you can cram quite a bit in there. This is ready to ship off to my college boy.

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Michelle said...

I really love all the pretty suff you made and am enjoying the swap! Have you recieved my birdy yet?