Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Flower Time

Don't you just love this time of year when the garden is bursting with blooms and you have your choice when making arrangements for the house? Here are a few that I recently threw together. Notice the old wooden iron board which I got at a yard sale on PEI for $3.00! That was my find of the summer.
I love the amaranth (Love Lies Bleeding). It is so sculptural and really adds to the arrangements I think. My good friend Carol,who loves to make arrangements, said she doesn't care for it but I am trying to change her mind since I talked her into growing it in her garden this year. She'll come around. I love Queen Anne's lace even though I know it is a weed. I tried for ages to get it to grow in the garden and now I have succeeded too well because it has taken over as you can see in the top photo. I'll have to do something about that but I really love to add them into arrangements.

These beautiful hydrangeas are from Carol's garden and I love the way they look in a trifle bowl. Half the fun for me is picking the suitable vase.

These are also from Carol and I thought they looked so cute in the ceramic dutch shoe in my favorite color.

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