Monday, April 13, 2009

Memory Houses

I was asked recently to contribute some art work to a local Library memory project. The theme was "Preserving your Memories through Art". The local artisan group to which I belong will be showing their pieces in their chosen mediums which include glass, fiber, metal, photography..etc. Of course, I have chosen fiber and was inspired by the beautiful fabric houses Charlotte Lyons posted about on her lovely blog.
This house features photos of my family and my husband's family. I thought it would be especially meaningful to my children since they come from this combined "house". This is such a fun project to use bits and pieces of special fabric, trims, buttons and other embellishments.
Below is a photo my grandmother in her twenties after she got her hair bobbed against her father's will. I love the way she looks and always loved it when she told that story about getting her hair cut and going to Johnny's Dance Palace during the roaring twenties!

The number 25 on the door is the current number of the house we live in today.

This house below is going to the dogs! I imagined a dog house that would feature all the wonderful canine friends I have had the privilege to live with over the years. Each has a featured place in the dog house. I always thought if there was a heaven, it would be a marvelous thing to be able to live with all my doggies at once... of course there would be no jealousy in heaven!

This is my once in a lifetime dog: Manfred. He was a special collie and one of a kind, also the ring bearer at our wedding!

Here is my first dog and the dog of my childhood, Lady. Right along side is my most current puppy, Flynn.

And here is the lovely Luna with another one of our goldens, Brady. I used a variety of techniques to create these houses including applique and needlefelting. The photos were printed on fabric using an ink jet printer.

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Rebecca said... the doghouse. Especially Manfreds pics....How many dogs can say they were in two weddings? He was a great unofficial usher at my wedding, although I think it was the roastbeef that was his motivating factor.