Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mrs. Bird... a work in progress

Thought I would share some WIP... This is Mrs. Bird from a workshop taught by Katie Estvold of Sparrows Cottage. The project really appealed to me because I have been wanting to make a "theatre" doll for some time and I figured this would get me moving. Nothing like the structure of a workshop to motivate. Here she is with her hair... I used some cameltop roving to produce a very nesty hair-do.

And Mrs. Bird's birdy swinging on his perch.....

And this is what you get when you stand still too long!

More to come later.....


Heather said...

she's just beautiful! I love how you did her hair. Lovely!~

Sea Angels said...

I want to do this xxx
You have made a beautiful ladye..I love Katies work, and I love the way that your work shines through on this ladye..
I hope you are enjoiying the spring..has it arrived and is it warm?
Lots of hugs Lynn xx