Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun with Paper and more Topsy Turvy work

I found this old bundle of letters in a Vermont thrift shop and there are some real gems inside. I just love looking at the wonderful old spidery brown ink. I think these were from a lawyer's office because most of them are legal agreements dated before the Civil War. Very cool. Some of these special letters have found their way into a couple of Mother's Day cards (belated since we will visit the mothers this weekend).
These look more like wedding cards than Mother's Day but no matter, they will be appreciated.

Another topsy-turvy doll in the works. A special order once again... another Cinderella but this one will be totally different than the first. They look a bit odd right now- almost like twins in the womb.


Sea Angels said...

Oh wow now I want to find somthing like that!!!
I love old script and can see you are starting to make lovely things with them....
Hope you are well and summer has come.
Hugs Lynn xx

Heather said...

wow! now that is something I never find around here! How fun...and beatiful cards :)

Le_Vintage said...

SUPER cute blog i just love it.
you have some beautiful treasures, looking forward to following this!

Le Vintage