Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad's Big Day

We are currently on vacation up in Prince Edward Island. It is cold and rainy with a high wind pelting the rain against the windows. I love that kind of weather...seriously! Good hot chocolate weather. Yesterday was Father's Day (even in Canada) and here is the card I made for the father of my children. It was funny because just the other day he was saying the part he misses most about the kids being grown up was reading to them when they were little. I found this picture to feature on the front of my card and it is perfect because my son Colin (who will be 21 this year!) has such a delighted smile on his face. Oh how he loved his stories. I can still see him picking out the books that he wanted read to him each night. India is just a baby but she is listening intently. Thomas is a great reader and to this day could probably recite some of the Berenstain Bears stories by heart. I used to be able to recite "The Lorax" by memory. For those of you out there with small children, enjoy these days and don't skimp on the reading. It will be one of your best memories!

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