Sunday, June 28, 2009

Island Projects

In an effort to keep busy and maintain a connection to my studio back home I made a little art kit to take with me to the island. I have to admit, I really enjoyed putting together all the bits and pieces. I tried to include only the things I really love and not worry whether or not they were compatible. I think that if you find beauty in each item, you can't go wrong with the finished product. I was limited by the container ( a little vintage suitcase) so I couldn't go crazy but had to carefully edit. This my biggest challenge (for everything, not just art). I love the way everything looks together all nested and bundled.

Here is my first project: I have been wanting to make a little British flag for sometime. My daughter wanted a pillow but I didn't have enough fabric for that. Instead I made this tiny appliqued work using the "approximate" colors. I had a little frame up here that was not being used.
Now I just have to decide where to hang it. Next trip I will bring some red and white wool for a Canadian flag...we are on PEI after all.