Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May the Honeymoon Never End

This week my husband and I celebrated our 24th anniversary. We have been an item for 31 years..met at the end of high school and corresponded all through college. I saved every letter and so did he! It is sort of sad to me that we all use electronic means of communication these days and my kids will probably never have shoe boxes of letters containing the everyday mundane details of a long distance courtship. Oh well... we still exchange cards and that is something. This is the card that Thomas gave to me and I swear I almost bought the same exact one because I was pressed for time to make one this year. It says inside: "May the Honeymoon Never End". In the end I was too cheap to buy it because it was quite pricey for a card. My big spender got it instead for me. This is the card I made for him from an old magazine image and a scrap of vintage wallpaper. I really do love making my own cards and it was a weak moment that I considered purchasing one.
This was my gift to Thomas. He re-reads this book at least once a year. He says it relaxes him and he still laughs his way through the chapters. Every book that he reads is compared to Herriot and believe me, nothing holds a candle to them. I have tried to find comparable books but I always get a comment like "it's okay, but it's no James Herriott". It doesn't do any good to tell him that sadly Mr. Herriot is no longer with us and he is going to have to move on. He needed a new copy because his old one was yellow and brittle and missing its cover.

This was my gift: one of our favorite classic movies and my favorite movie candy which I don't have to share.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hooe you are having fun in PEI.. How long will you be there? We'll miss you at Joann's. Peggy