Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rummage Sale Treasures

Our semi-annual church rummage sale was this past weekend and it did not disappoint. I found a vintage suitcase with a lovely linen lining that was in very good shape.
Some nice old linens..can't resist these.
I just liked the cover of this book. Those cute little Bobbsey Twins.

An old fan from New Brunswick, one of my favorite places.
And the piece de resistance: An old perfectly working typewriter. And here's a funny little story. My teenage daughter was quite interested in how this "thing" worked. She cracked up when she heard the bell and you actually had to push the carriage return. She typed a little and realized how much finger strength was needed. She said, "This is nice Mom but where is the delete key?" These kids have it so easy.

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Becky Shander said...

If I had come across this suitcase, my heart rate would sky rocket - finds like this doesn't come along very often!