Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Japanese Treasures

Take a look at these cuties. I got them from Yozo Craft which is a on-line store with the most darling little items. Not sure what I will do with these just yet. Maybe they will make their way into one of my journals. For now, I am enjoying their quiet little parade.
I couldn't resist this little notepad. I have an idea for some fairy tale boxes and Red Riding Hood will definitely make an appearance.
And these little rubber stamps look like my Maminka dolls. I love them! Oh, the internet is a wonderous and addictive place. Even when you think you are at home minding your own business, these little temptations cross your screen of vision and voila.... the next thing you know the postman has a package and your paypal account is a little thinner.
Have a happy day.

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