Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Auction/Thrift Booty

Just a few of the goodies I found at the mother of all thrift sales this past week. I love this purse but it does look kind of grandmother-ish. It was just in such beautiful condition and the inside is a lovely green moire taffeta with a matching change purse! Couldn't resist.
These hankies were picked up at an auction... a whole big box of them for $7.50. I think I will make some garlands from some of them since I have accumulated quite a stash. I just love the way they look blowing in the breeze. Washing and ironing them is the best part for me. After soaking in oxyclean overnight they brightened right up.

This heavily beaded peasant blouse was in the costume section for $3.00! It is so heavy and in perfect condition except for one little spot on the back (another job for oxyclean). I think if I shed a few more pounds, I can fit into it. It would be lovely with a brown woolen skirt for the holidays.

I was on an adrenaline high after finding these goodies but my husband said it was like a cat dragging home a mouse to the doorstep: the cat is very proud but the owner not so pleased. Really though, where can you have this much fun for so little money...I ask you.

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Sea Angels said...

I love the way you wrote about the cat and the mouse it made me laugh...my husband would have said the same had he thought of it ha ha.
I rather thought you had a whole bundle of fabulous finds.
I was at a car boot on Thursday with my friend Anne she found a beautiful very very old threadbare and rust stained blanket......hurrah she shouted its perfect oh I'm so pleased ( she is making some naive dolls) the stall holder was a man who looked so perplexed by her statement he promptly gave the blanket to her hoping we would both leave his stall and things could return back to normal ha ha no chance!....sorry for my long tale....but I just wanted you to know that you are not on your own and that your hankys and blouse and bag are lovely..
Lots of hugs Lynn xxxx