Monday, September 20, 2010

Miss Mouse

When you really love something, which is in my case old fabrics, it is amazing how that very thing comes to you from sources you barely know or could even imagine. Such was the case of meeting a lovely lady who makes soap in her very own kitchen. Wonderful handmade soap that smells heavenly. This is Judy Lidie of Grace and Miss Mouse Soaps. Admiring and smelling her soaps at a craft show, we somehow began discussing old fabrics and she casually said that she had some old stuff and could I use any? I am not one to pass up old fabrics so of course I said YES!

Here is some of the sweet bounty that came my way. Each one is delicious and lovely and just right amount of faded and sweet (as a side note, they all smelled so good no doubt the result of being around all that marvelous soap!). The patterns are endless and there are so many quilt pieces lovingly hand sewn together with tiny perfect stitches that sadly never made their way into an actual quilt.
I am always honored when someone thinks enough of me that they would pass these treasures along. I will do my best to find special projects for these wonderful pieces.

As a small thank you, I thought that Judy could use a real Miss Mouse to accompany her to all her craft shows. This little lady was made from some old boucle wool and some of Judy's own fabrics and trims.

And then, being that I am getting into a little Harvest/Halloween mood, I made a little Harvest Moon Miss Mouse too.

Happy Autumn!


Terri said...

Oh I am so impressed! I love your Miss Mouse! She is just so Mousy and lovely.
What a gift to receive all those beautiful fabric pieces! And what a fab way to say thank you with a mouse for her.

Marigene said...

That is the cutest mouse you made for my sister and I know she loves it!