Friday, January 18, 2008

An Early Valentine

I've just finished 4 darling Maminka "mini's". I just love these sweet little dolls. They are scented with lavender and I really enjoyed making their little heart tags from my stash of hand pressed papers, vintage wallpaper and my new bird punch that my daughter gave me for Christmas. Truth be told these small dolls take just as much time and effort (sometimes) more than the larger versions but I do like small things... just something about the scale. These are about 5 1/2 inches tall. I think I'll make some more with a St. Patrick's Day theme and then I can have a year in Maminkas! I will put these up on Etsy today.

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Ulla said...

Your Maminka's are delightful! Very whimsical and sweet! I am enjoying your blog and will add you to my list! So true about little dolls taking as much time as big ones... when I made cloth tea-pot dolls, I always had to charge less for my 'mini's' but like you, I quickly discovered that they took the same amount of time if not longer than my big dolls... unfortunately the 'perceived value' by customers is that if its smaller it should be less $$... Just have to charge more for the big ones from the start! Good luck with Etsy!!!