Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Dream Clothesline

We are finally here on our summer holiday in Prince Edward Island! Since we have had our cottage in Darnley, I have wanted to build a clothesline so that I can hang my clothes with an ocean view.. a dream fulfilled. Here are my lovely white sheets overlooking Darnley Basin on a glorious summer morning. Not too windy which is unusual for here. Usually the wind is gusting so strong you must brace yourself. We like it that way and it keeps the bugs away. Today though, there is a soft summer breeze just perfect for drying.
I had a local carpenter from NH cut these boards according to a photo of a nice clothesline that I cut out of an article in Country Living. No reason why a clothesline can't be a thing of beauty... although they are all beautiful to me.

My wonderful husband digging that hard PEI red dirt.

Fastening the cross boards to the posts (which we bought way too long and had to borrow a neighbor's saw to chop off about 2 feet from each).

Lovely don't you think? I know I am obsessed with clotheslines but I really feel that those who don't hang their clothes out are really missing out and I'm sorry for that. Simple pleasures.

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