Monday, July 28, 2008

Red Doors

I decided that our cottage needed to have a little personality injected into it this summer. We have been busy the last few years just adding to the basics and not really "decorating". These are the boring white doors that we have and it occurred to me that they would look good in a bright red. Went to the paint store and selected "Bang" red (BeautiTone canadian brand). Bold statement for me and even the paint man raised his eyebrows and told me to expect four coats plus primer. And for heavens sake "don't rush it!"

Before on left....After a coat of oil based gray primer on right. I probably should have done two coats of primer because any spottiness on the primer leads to spottiness on the finish coat no matter how many times you layer it on! But I was really anxious to dip into that can of nail polish red paint!

You must be dedicated to painting if you want takes at least four coats. The paint man (Aubrey at Home Hardware) was right.

Voila... the finished product after four coats and a few touch-ups after that. I like the shot of color though especially in the hallway. As they say in all the home decorating shows on HGTV, it really pops!

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