Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something New

I've been busy working on home improvement projects (actually the same hallway that I've been working on for months) so I haven't spent much time in the studio. I recently got this book and it was kind of a disappointment but I did like this project which was featured on the cover and the reason I got the book in the first place. These felted flowers were fun to do and a tiny bit of stiffener makes them hold their shape. I can see lots of possibilities with these so I will definitely be making more to attach to other types of projects.

The book calls for the necklace to be made from twisted ribbon yarn but I couldn't find any that I liked so I crocheted a chain with this Suede chenille and wove a strand of glass seed bead through. My talented daughter helped me crimp the ends and attach to the toggle clasp. I know very little about beading techniques but she is a whiz!

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Heather said...

oh my goodness this is BEAUTIFUL!~