Monday, September 1, 2008

An Unlikely Alliance

It feels like Autumn is right around the bend now with the end of summer looming so it's a good time to work with all my wool. I have bags and bags of the stuff. Here is a cute little pair I've worked on recently. I started with the owl but felt he needed a buddy... an unlikely one so I created the little mouse. I gave her a little flower because she likes to look pretty.
His feet are from a felted wool sweater that I made for my son when he was four. The wings are cut and layered from wool and tattered denim. I like his little fringed hair cut. The beak is stitched from an old cotton print.

Here is the little mouse with her silk lined ears. The flowers were made from vintage fabric that was stiffened with fabric stiffener and cut out with a paper punch. These make great embellishments for lots of things.

This tag was created with an image I found in an old Life magazine. I love making the tags for my creations and finding just the right image from all my old paper.

On another note... here is my studio of late. It's totally out of control! My little cast iron hand reaching out of the rubble looks like a desperate cry for help.

Time to clean before the next project since I spend most of my time looking for things.


Anonymous said...

Hey LB, It's been a while but I had some time to catch up on the blog...Wonderful as usual. The wool owl is a hoot! You really should submit your work to Country Living!! Hope to see you soon. Peggy from NA

Sandra Evertson said...

They are just Wonderful!
Sandra Evertson

Heather said...

Ah! They are TOO cute! I love how wild and cuddly they look! So fun, and I totally covet your studio space!~~

Ulla said...

Love this little owl, esp. his nose!!! so cute!