Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Violet Poppy Purse and Trick or Treat

I love working with wool and fortunately I have a plethora of it! I carry this type of purse most all of the time. It slings nicely around the body so you have hands free shopping. It is just big enough to carry the essentials so you don't collect too much junk (always a challenge for me). I thought it would be fun to combine these lovely pastel colors. The print was from a nice cheery tablecloth that my Mom gave me recently.
The posy was created from old felted sweaters. And of course, my signature tags which is always the fun part to make. They are never the same and I love them as a finishing touch! This purse will go in the gallery but I may make another to put in my etsy shop.

This is my newest Halloween card creation. They are fun to make and fun to sell.


Heather said...

oooh! I love that purse! I'll have to start haunting your etsy store :D

Sea Angels said...

Beautiful, simple,elegant, you have a lovely sensitive touch and are fabulous with colour. I love boiling up sweaters, not doing anything with them somtimes, but I love the way the pattern changes when they shrink.....
Hugs Lynn