Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Pleasures of Tea and Clotheslines

Oh how I wish I liked tea. I have tried very hard to like it but I just don't care for it and it does not make sense to force myself to like something when I already like and obsess about so many other things to eat and drink. But my family likes tea. A lot. My daughter especially and when we come to Prince Edward Island we always make a couple of trips to the PEI Preserve Company in New Glasgow where we have a sumptuous lunch (try their Island Potato Pie and Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie!) and sample tea. This year it was Victoria Garden: a blend of lavender, rose petals and vanilla. Doesn't that just sound wonderful? I tried it again but I could still taste the bitterness of the tea although it was tempered by that wonderful vanilla-y aroma. My daughter loved it though. This year my husband suggested we get her a special teapot that we can keep right here at the cottage and this one seemed to fit the bill. Isn't it cute with it's own cup and saucer built right in? That's what I love about tea. All the accoutrement! The teapots, tea cups, saucers, tea cozies, teaspoons and linens. Not to mention the wonderful baked goodies that accompany a proper tea time. I like the idea of tea. So I sit and take it all in but drink my water instead.
My daughter recommends "Cavendish Sunset" which is a lovely fruity tea.

The "Prince Albert" strainer with a little cup to set it in so it doesn't drip. Love that. is something I really love. I know that I am slightly obsessed with my clothesline but I thought I would share with you this vintage clothespin bag that my mom found at a yard sale. It is well made from decorator cotton and galvanized hardware with a swivel hook. It works great because it holds a ton of clothespins, is easy to get your hand into and out of and slides nicely along the line so no stooping! I am going to try and make one of my own for back home I like it so much.


Becky Shander said...

What a bright and beautiful clothespin bag. Seeing it makes me want to create one like it for myself - thanks for the inspiration.

canngil said...

do you ever try adding milk to your tea???It is wonderful, as long as you are not drinking an herbal tea that is acidic. Very Irish, my friends tell me, but so smooth...try it!