Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

My parents are spending some time with us at our cottage on PEI. My mother and daughter spent some precious time together making these lovelies. I have dibs on this one! First these sea shell necklaces (rummage and tag sale finds) were taken apart which was a tedious process. I was only a spectator but it looked tedious.
And then the sorting began. Both my mom and daughter really get into this. They LOVE the sorting process. It was fun to see all the tiny different shells and imagine that they each once held a tiny little creature. Amazing.

Time out for one of these. Must have sustenance for this kind of work.

The assembly process: Very delicate work involving tweezers and super glue. (Then there was a google search on how to remove super glue from table tops and fingers!)

Another break for some of these which are in season right now.

And voila! The beautiful finished pieces. As I said, I have dibs on the this one.

But I love the simplicity of this one that my daughter made hard to choose!


Terri said...

How fun! I love seeing the process they went through. It does look a little tedious, but now they have a sorted box full of supplies.
Their pins are lovely!

Rebecca said...

Just wore the one Mom made for me was the perfect piece to go with my outfit. When are they coming home?

alice lenhart said...

Beautiful! Tiny shells make big impressions!