Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Assistant

Continuing to make progress with my painting and no matter how many times I kick him out Flynn seems to find a way to sneak back into my work space. I will probably be picking hairs out of wet paint but I don't have the heart to make him move. Who can argue with such devotion?
Finally settled on a color called "clay beige" from Behr. I always seem to gravitate to the neutrals no matter how much I try for color. I really am more of a textile person and prefer to get my color and texture through my choices there. By the way, I love that Behr paint! I think I am a convert from my old friend Benjamin Moore. It spreads so nicely and seems to cover better too. Sorry Ben.

1 comment:

Terri said...

Oh the room is looking good! I love the color you have chosen. What a great neutral background for decorating with.
Your sweet furry one is just too adorable to move! My little ones too do the same thing. They now favor the afghan I have been so careful to keep clean. They love it so much I have finally given in and let them nap on it. I think they think it is Heaven!
You must be working so hard. Take good care of yourself.