Saturday, January 22, 2011

Never Paint your Radiators in January

My old house is blessed with steam heat and old cast iron radiators. This is a lovely (but unfortunately more expensive) way to heat. We love the occasional clanking of the pipes and the comforting hissing sound that makes you feel all warm and cozy. Although our heating bill does not make us feel warm and cosy at all!
I am happy to say I am down to my last radiator to paint! They are a challenge in the nicest of weather. The small ones can be dragged outside and cleaned and painted in the fresh air but the large ones are so ungodly heavy that you really have to do them inside unless you are willing to pay some very beefy helpers to do the lugging.

Painting in January is crazy. I have to warm up the cold cast iron radiators and room with a space heater then spray paint them whilst enduring the fumes. Even a mask doesn't help much. Then open all the windows and turn on the fan. This exercise is repeated several times until all surfaces are coated. I'm sure my neighbors think I've flipped my lid seeing our new energy efficient windows wide open in single digit weather when heating oil is over $3.00 per gallon.
The look pretty nice all painted. It will be great to have them hooked back up when the floors are finished and get heat back in the room again. Of course it may be Spring by then..ha!

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Sea Angels said...

What lovely shaped radiators, all small and chubby...glad I don't have to paint them though..I like the colours on your wall that shade of taupe looks divine.
Hugs Lynn xxx