Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Peek at my Project

We have an old house that was built in 1849. This is just one example of the bad renovations this poor old house has suffered. We are down to our last few rooms and our last major bathroom renovation, thank goodness! Here is a shot of me trying to get a good vantage point in this tiny bathroom by standing in the non-functioning tub. How do you like the eighties wallpaper and faux woodgrain vanity with the big balls for lighting. They have seen their day.
These two rooms were serving as my husband's office and my storage (or junk collecting) rooms. They will become a lovely master bedroom and dressing room/closet with an adjoining new bathroom.

Cleaning out is sometimes the hardest part of getting started on a project like this. Thank goodness for our local rummage sale. They got some large bags of donations this year!
Construction began the first week after Thanksgiving.
Wall has been torn out between new dressing room and old bathroom to make the bathroom larger. It will be long and narrow (5 x 13 ft) but still the biggest bathroom in the house.
Those old cast iron pipes will get replaced with new plumbing all the way down to the basement. Everytime we tear a room apart we are faced with this reality. Also notice the lack of insulation... at least our bathroom will be nicely insulated and we got replacement windows for the rest of the house so we are slowly closing some of the heating gaps.

Tearing out is the fast part. I will post some more later about the rebuilding part of the project!


Sea Angels said...

Oh Loribeth I just love the structure of your house... our was built just 10 years earlier and is so different ours is hard and kind of cold looking with lots of grey stone but yours looks all mellow and warm with the wood..gosh your project has me excited ha ha now I can hardly wait to see how it will look. Are you doing all the work yourselves?
I love it that you have shared this with us xxx
Hugs Lynn xxx

Terri said...

Wow! You have a big project on your hands, but it looks like you have planned it out well. It is going to be so wonderful for you when it is done. We have done similar projects over the years and always glad we did.
Thank you so much for showing us what you are up to in the home.