Monday, March 28, 2011

Back in the Studio

It's so nice to be done with my project (very nearly) and have time to get back in the studio for some sewing projects.  I made this tea cosy from cute vintage kitchen fabric for a dear friend's birthday.  She loves vintage as much as I do and is a real tea lover so I thought this would be appreciated.

And then because our bedroom is nicely painted and all spiffed up I thought I would make a new dog bed cover for one of the shabby dog beds.  This is old Waverly fabric that I've had for at least 25 years and I still like it.  It was called "rosemary".  BTW, notice those lovely refinished floors!

I am getting interested in improving my slipcover making skills.  I have made several slipcovers in the past but they never felt up to my usual standards of quality.  I recently purchased a most excellent video on slipcover making from Slipcovers by Shelley.  This is so helpful to watch and she makes it look SOOO easy which I know it is not!  Her work is really first rate.  Be careful because after watching her work, you are going to want to run right out and get an industrial sewing machine.  Oh the way she zings right along on that thing!  I think some slipcovers are in my future and a good way to use up some of that fabric.

Back to the dog bed...looks like someone approves.

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Terri said...

First off, yes, the floors are gorgeous...and puppy looks very happy on the new cushion!
I think I too would love to be able to make really good cushions and slip covers...but fear it is much more difficult than it looks in the books! I just bought a serger, I wonder if I can make them on that?